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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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right here because we're definitely looking out for you. the one and only donald trump made headlines yesterday co hosting a telephone town hall on economic issues with g.o.p. presidential candidate michelle bachmann. now, mr. trump says he's not endorsing the congresswoman, but i headed on over to trump towers earlier today to get his thoughts on the strengths and the weaknesses of all of the goag.o.p. candidates and got hio answer whether or not he is still thinking about a last minute presidential bid. here's part one of my interview. >> all right. so the field for the g.o.p. nomination is set. the only person that is not said -- that is not said no that was speculated to think about getting in, last time i talked to you, you were still could not
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contemplating getting in. where are you now? >> i've gotten to know, as you know, some of the candidates, and i thought it was very important. i love what i'm doing. i love building buildings and whether it's doing apprentice or all of the different things i have, miss universe, i have such a big company and such a good company and i love it. i love the country even more, and if i see that the wrong candidate is picked and that the economy continues to be bad which i really believe it is because i think it will, because we truly have incompetent leadership. it's nothing short of incompetent, i would do something, but i met with governor romney. i met with governor rememberry and -- perry and michelle bachmann and herman cain who is a terrific guy. frankly, the ones i didn't meet with, it was my choosing. i didn't really want to waste a lot of time. i met some very good people. if i look who the republicans
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nominate and frankly, i'm going to be very happy. i'll be the happiest guy, so i will probably endorse somebody sometime prior to the primaries. we'll see what happens. so that means maybe in the next month or two? >> over the next two months, i would say, yes. >> now, you once -- >> i'd love to do that. my preference would be endorsing somebody and having that somebody win. >> right. >> but i'd have to know that that somebody could win. >> all the candidates that you've been talking to have strengths and weaknesses. really quick, summarize perry'ss weaknesses, romney, cain, bachmann. >> i've been with them all and i know them all and i like them all. >> if you start with governor romney, very impressive guy one on one, done well in the debates. he's made tremendous progress. the one thing i don't understand is why he doesn't go above that 23 or 24% level level. every tie
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somebody gets in he stays the same which tells you he's got a very solid base but he's got to get the numbers up. when somebody leaves or whatever when all those votes are out there -- >> now herman cain is surging. you're right. it seems like his battle is with more of the tea party base. >> romney is a very, very competent guy. he's done the best at the debates. he's done well, fantastically well at the debates. you'll start to see him go up, but i would say that he is disappointed that those numbers don't go up as much as they should be based on his debate performances and based really on what he's saying. okay. very capable guy. very good guy, a different guy one on one. i'll say the same thing about perry. the one thing so different is i'm amazed that he hasn't done better at the debates. when you're with governor perry one on one, he's great. he's great. i mean, we had dinner, we're talking, he's dynamic, and he
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actually called me the other day and he was very forceful, and i said why aren't you that way in the debates. >> what did he say? >> he said that's not his strength, and that's okay. >> is it also his positions? a lot of people on immigration -- >> they don't like his immigration position. >> they didn't like his hpv vaccination immigration. >> in terms of getting the nomination, it's a terrible position, and the vaccination, i'm not sure that that played as big a role, but the immigration position certainly has hurt him. but he's a different guy one on one than he is in the debates. i actually said why can't you be this way in the debate. >> you met george w. bush. >> i know you weren't a fan of his. >> i wasn't a fan. >> very different in person. >> i've heard that from a lot of people. if i met him in person, i'm sure i'd like him. i've never been a fan, but i never met him in person. >> so is romney's weakness to
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get the tea party to believe he is more conservative. >> his weakness is with the tea party. they just aren't going for him yet. i think they might. look. i think ultimately everybody wants somebody that's going to o beat obama. now, i met herman cain. what a great guy. really a good guy. he said to me, he said you know, i'm up here not even fort endorsement. i just don't want you to bash me on television because i seem to get people like you, especially between you and gretta and bill o'reilly, he said i just think it's sort of great. we just had a great time. >> what do you think of his 999 plan? >> i think the sales tax aspect is tough because frankly, that would be a good thing for somebody like me and i'm not looking for that. i'd love to have my income tax lowered and the sales tax because how many hamburgers can you buy, okay, but i think he hasn't explained it fully, and i think he will, and i think he's expecting to. >> do you think he can sustain? he had one problem on a question
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about understanding right of return in the middle east. is that a problem for him? >> you know, if somebody's great leader and if they're really understanding people, you're going to hire the right people. you'll get the right peoplement for instance, me. i would get the;is tha the shart business people. if the president of the united states called one of the great killers that we read about all day long for the last 25 years making good deal, good deal, good deal, all these good deals. if that killer who is tired of making deals, i mean, if he gets a call from the president of the united states, would you do me a favor and help me negotiate with china, help me negotiate with opec, help me with india where everyone, you talk about outsourcing. india is like unbelievable. we need help. that guy would be so happy. i know them all. they'd be so proud to do it. they'd call home and say the president just called. >> if obama called you, would you take the job? >> i don't think heed call me. he should have called me before. just so you understand, i was
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his biggest cheerleader. i thought he won, and i was saying if you go back three years, i'm saying do a great job. i wanted him to do a great job. i still want him to do a great job. it's not going to happen because the first thing he has to do is end obamacare, okay, and i think that's going to be a hard thing for him to do. >> appeal to the liberals. >> it's an impossible thing for him to do, i guess, but he has to do it. businesses are going to close down because of obamacare, so he's going to have to do something with obamacare. but i really thought that hey, he got elected, he used the word change. we got change all right. you know what the change is. you know where we got it. it's a disaster, so the other thing i'm surprised is that i thought he was a positive person always. i thought he'd be like a cheerleader for the country. every once in a while you see a political guy without great experience, but he's a great cheerleader, he or she is a
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great cheerleader for the country. i thought obama would be a great cheerleader for the country and it's turned out to be just the opposite, and he is is creating class war far. you wouldn't have kids all over the country without what he's saying. he's crediting a class warfare that's dangerous for the country and even for him, but there's a warfare that's going on now among different groups of people that we never had before. >> isn't it a danger on his part, class warfare, and more importantly, the democratic demc party has been attacking the tea party conservatives as racist, maximumaxine weartsz, waters say can go straight to hell. they double down on insane rhetoric. the president has wrapped his arms twice now around the occupy wall street crowd? >> i think the race card is such
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a horrible thing. i've been watching it more and more lately. it's disgraceful. when obama gets 95% of the black vote, is that racist? does anybody mention that? he gets 95% of the vote. i see your announcers saying yes, he got 95% of the black vote but it wasn't a racial thing. it's his policy. that's a lot of crap. he's crediting a racial divide and i think he's doing it on purpose and it's a very unfair thing and a very bad thing. >> coming up. much up more of my interview with donald trump who sounds off on the occupy wall street protesters and the president's role in stirring the pot and gives g.o.p. candidates advice on how to combat class warfare. plus this amp ca african-amn minister wants a an apology from the president and the democrati party.og party.og he'll tell me why straight ahead. lunteer. and now, thanks to you, 10 communities have more to smile about.
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and welcome back to hannity. we continue with part two of my interview with the one and only donald trump. >> if you were to ever offer the potential nominee against obama advice, how do you deal with class warfare and rhetoric where they're accusing you falsely of being racist or your base of being racist? how would you tell them to counter that. >> a true leader is able to get people together. a real leader gets everybody together. i'll tell you what. i've been doing this stuff for a long time. i've been politically active.
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i've supported democrats and republicans. >> you've made a few mistakes. >> not so many mistakes. you know he what? the truth is i've supported a lot of people who have been good, some bad ones, but for the most part, pretty good people. a real leader gets everybody together. i've been watching for a long time as you have. i've never seen a situation where this country is so divided as it is now. this country's blowing up, shawn. we're blowing up. somebody used the term the other day. i was watching a friend of mine doing something, and he said yeah, our country is blowing up. he was down on wall street watching the kids and the people down there, and i'v i've never n this country in this kind of trouble before. a true leader wouldn't let that happen. >> that's true, but the president is fomenting it. he thinks that's his only way. we have high unemployment, businesses are doing terribly. people are losing their houses, everyone's in trouble. honestly from his standpoint in terms of not for the country but for him personally, the only way
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for him to get elected is to do that. >> so his policies failed, he can't run on his record, so hope and change becomes the worst kind of politics in your estimation. >> i think that's what's happening. he probably feels he can't get elected on the merits, obviously. the country is a disaster. the other thing is we're not respected any more as a country. we used to be respected. i won't use the word fear. it's not as nice a word. we're not respected any more. the world laughs at us. >> can you make heads or tails of the incoherent message of the guys on wall street? some of the anger i think is justified, high debt, record deficits, high unemployment, lack of opportunity, but it seems that they want more government as the answer. is the anger at bailouts. i agree. you agree with that. >> absolutely. you don't get bailed out. i will say this. there's something wrong, and when it first started, people were laughing.
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kids are having a good time. this and that. there's a fever in this country, and it's festering. it's really festering like i've never seen before. there is something wrong. now, they're angry at the banking system. i'm a republican guy. i'm a conservative guy, but i can tell you. if i sell a home to somebody, they can't get financing from a bank, okay. they can't get financing. the banks aren't lending money. now, the banks did get bailed out so whether you like it or you don't, they got bailed out by this country, but they're not alonloaning monies. the banks are not treating people properly. if you buy a house or if you have a house, you can't make a deal with a bank. that's caused tremendous anger throughout the country. i think it started with the banks. >> i think it is the bailout is the one area we agree. it seems to be misdirected, the anger. shouldn't it be, you know -- shouldn't many of these protests be taking place at the white house? >> you know, if i could speak to that group, i'm not sure i'm
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exactly the right person. >> i don't know if i would advise you going down there. >> if i could speak to that group i'd say folks, let's go, let's hop on the trains and the planes, we're going to washington. >> maybe you can take them on your big new jet. >> i'll do that. they should be protesting in washington, not here. because washington really did cause the problems. hey, look. everybody caused the problem, but the biggest culprit is washington and the biggest problem is washington isn't fixing the problem because obama truly doesn't know what to do. >> so president obama has embraced this occupy wall street movement. i think a huge political mistake. what is he thinking? wrdz that team in 2008 that ran a pretty flawless campaign? >> people don't realize he got a lot of his money when he first got elected by wall street. most of those people had abandoned him. people that were big supporters of him can't truly stand him. they can't hear his speeches, they can't listen to him talk about the sun will rise tomorrow morning. you listen to thea these speech.
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it's all rhetoric. there's no substance. these people cannot stand him. he's lost wall street. the fact is the protesters, i don't know if they like him or not. i guess some do like him, but he used wall street to his own benefit. number one, he got a lot of campaign funds, but i'm not going to mention their names because they're friends of mine. he took the top people in wall street and brought him into his administration and they were the wrong people and they failed. >> and they want to do the same thing over again. >> they want to do it again. >> last question. you told me earlier that you're likely to endorse in the next month or two before the primaries. >> correct. >> okay. who are you leaning towards? >> i can't tell you that. >> you are leaning towards somebody? >> i sort of am, but i can't tell you who. >> you haven't made a final decision. >> i have not made a final decision. i am a little bit leaning towards somebody. i can tell you this. anybody, anybody on that panel, anybody on your show. >> anybody about obama. >> anybody is better than what we have right now, but i am slightly leaning towards somebody, and i actually respect
6:19 pm
them all. >> does that person know who it is? >> i don't want to even tell you that. >> all right. donald trump, always good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> and coming up, only one republican candidate would defeat president obama in a head to head match, but can herman cain and his 999 plan win the white house? stuart varney and dana perino weigh in. later, the reverend who caused quite a stir for suing the democratic party for what he calls its history of supporting racism. he'll be here tonight to respond to the controversy and much more as "hannity" continues. [ female announcer ] women move the world. and caltrate moves us. helping strengthen our bones. caltrate delivers 1200 milligrams of calcium and 800 iu of vitamin d plus minerals. women need caltrate. caltrate helps women keep moving because women move the world.
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and it's official. we're now only 76 days away from the all important iowa caucuses. the state's republican party made the announcement last night that the caucuses will be held on the 3rd of january and for herman cain who continues to surge in the polls, that date could not come soon enough. now, a survey released earlier today by cnn shows that cain is the most likeable republican candidate in the field. he garnered 34% of the vote. mitt romney received 29%. this marks a 30-point swing for cain in just one month. if cain wins his party's nomination, a new rasmussen poll indicates that not only would he
6:24 pm
be a strong challenger to president obama, he would beat him in a head to head matchup. herman cain would, in fact, defeat the incumbent president by two points, 43 to 41%. at the moment, out of all of the g.o.p. candidates, cain is the only one who would beat obama. would herman cain and his 999 plan make it to the finish line? here with the answers, the host of varney and company on the fox business network, stuart varney and the co-host of the five. dana perino. >> i got juan williams today. >> beck yel beckel was running a marathon. he was inspired by the 100-year-old marathon winner from britain. >> it was a real moment for him. he realized he needed to get into a finance regime. we gave him the day off. >> that's fair. >> all right. let's start with herman cain. we've had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of candidates surging, decline, surging,
6:25 pm
decline, pawlenty, bachmann, can cain sustain where he is? >> he might be able to. a 30-point swing in a month is quite remarkable. now is when people start running against him. time will tell, but in tonight's debate we'll show whether or not people decide to start going after him. >> look. he's the only guy with a big bold plan. he's the only guy with a plan that can fix this economy that everybody can understand. mitt romney has a plan. >> it's 59 pages or 120 pages or whatever it is. >> he's got a pretty exr comprehensive plan. >> and newt gingrich has a new contract. >> huntsman's plan was considered to be one of the best. >> herman cain has 999, 9% individual, 9% corporate tax, 9% sales tax. everybody gets it. you all know what it is. that's the only true tax reform out there. >> are you putting the varney seal of approval on 999? >> no i am not.
6:26 pm
i don't want to see a consumption tax added on top of an income tax. i don't want to see it. >> the income tax is greatly reduced. remember what happened in britain? we'll introduce a national sales tax and it will get rid of the income tax. it didn't happen. don't want to see that happen here. >> conservatives are starting to look at the 999 plan more seriously and the more they look at it and i read a lot of their writing, the more they don't like it, and so tonight he's going to have to try to defend that, and also in the coming days. he also needs to show a little bit of polish. >> let me ask you this. because we've seen pawlenty, bachmann, perry, you know, they all go up and down, now cain up and down in the polls. romney stays the same. 25%. >> it's a problem. >> i don't think so. >> he's been at the top from the beginning. he's been able to stay steady. he's had good strong performances in the debate burks here's my question.
6:27 pm
is he viewed as establishment versus the tea party looking for a more conservative candidate? >> no 1 is ever going to be conservative numb for some people, but today in the "wall street journal" they talked about how -- i actually disagree. i think while you would like to be able to increase in the polls, if you can hold steady throughout this, you're doing pretty well. in 2008 at this time in the campaign, barack obama was running third, and no one ever thought that he would actually ever become the nominee, so it's still very fluid. >> i agree with. you i think it's fluid. what republicans want is the most conservative candidate who can win. who is that? i don't know. probably romney, but i'm not going to throw my two cents into the ring on that basis. >> is it the most conservative? look, all right. the most conservative who can win. are you suggesting that other conservatives in this process can't win? >> yes. >> who? >> bachmann. i don't think she can win at this point. >> why? >> i don't think she can come from so far back having led at
6:28 pm
one point. i don't think she can do that. >> it's only 76 days, so things are starting to consolidate a little bit, but the interesting thing is the person we haven't brought up yet is the person that everybody thought would be the nominee last month and that's governor perry of texas. >> did he recover tonight? >> certainly. governor perry could recover. one of the things america likes is somebody who can get up off the mat. >> what do you think? >> i want to get back and talk more about herman cain. >> he's not for perry. >> wait a second. what america needs desperately, if you look at the economic situation, we desperately need a big, bold plan. the only one out there is 999. >> i disagree with you. >> i don't think so. >> what's bold about romney's plan? >> wait a minute. i've re read gingrich's contrac. he sent me a book on it. there's some things i disagree. >> it's tinkering. >> you want to blow up the current tax system. i do, too. i support a fair tax. >> if you want to turn america
6:29 pm
around, it takes not tinkering. it takes a dramatic bold plan. >> i want to go to obama with one thing. i want to play something that he said. remember, he's the guy that lectured about tone and civility so often and now he is not criticized democrats that have said tea party conservatives can go to hell, that they want blacks hanging from trees. he hasn't said a word. here is what mr. civility, the president, has said himself. >> and then you got their plan which is let's have dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance, all right. so so far at least, i feel better about my plan. >> you know what? i'm busted. i've always wanted dirtier air and dirtier water for my kids. >> i fought for that my whole life. >> my whole life i've been fighting for dirty air. >> on sunday he gave an inspiring and wonderful speech at the martin luther king, jr.
6:30 pm
dedication, the memorial dedication. he talked about the need to have, you know, more civility, and then the very next day he's on the campaign trail which the taxpayers are paying for. >> you know what i think's happening? i think barack obama by doing this and embracing occupy wall street, whatever likability factor he once had is gone. >> he's lost middle america. >> yeah. >> middle america has walked away from him. i don't see local democrats in north carolina and virginia, i don't see them lining up to shake hands and have their pictures taken. >> in fact, they're running away and saying they have scheduling conflicts. the local press coverage in north carolina in the local television news, that's why you go to the swing states is some of the most devastating. if i were the white house press secretary and saw that, i would be under the table but not drunk. >> no democrats want to be around him. >> americans have to like their presidential candidate to elect
6:31 pm
him. i don't think they like barack obama any longer. >> i think he is making it worse every day. >> all right. that's desperation. guys, good to see you. coming up, our great, great, great american panel, plus you'll meet the man who is suing president obama and the democrat party. you won't believe what he's asking for, not just for himself, but for all african americans. that the and mucthat and much m. . hands in position. airbags. ten of 'em. perfect. add blind spot monitor. 43 mpg, nice. dependability. yeah. activate dog. a bigger dog. [ male announcer ] introducing the reinvented 2012 toyota camry. it's ready. are you? ♪ every time a local business opens its doors or hires another employee,
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the hall of famer? look at this ball! yeah, found that at yard sale. i thought pickles would like it. [ dog barks ] that a new car jerry? yeah... sweet, man. [ male announcer ] the audi a8. named best large luxury sedan. ♪ now, my next guest says our history books are wrong when it comes to racism in america and he wants them officially corrected once and for all. he's suing the national democratic party, the dnc, and president obama not for any monetary damages. instead, he's seeking an apology to all african-americans for its history of supporting slavery, segregation, and the jim crow laws in the south among other things. he's a former newspaper publisher, a radio talk show host and a respected church minister in seattle.
6:36 pm
he's also an african-american, and he says he's on a mission to, quote, kill the race card in america, an especially timely goal as critics continue to accuse the tea party of racism and question herman cain's true political intentions since clearly he can't be, quote, both black and conservative, right? reverend perryman's new book is called whites, blacks, and racist democrats. guys, welcome back to the program. reverend, let me start with you. let's go through what it is that -- the case you're making and why you're making this case. >> well, there's a lot of confusion about race in america, and the history of race in america. they say that america is a racist nation. history does not support that conclusion. what history supports is that we
6:37 pm
were a divided nation. that's why on june 16th, 1858 lincoln gave his favorite speech, a house divided. whites in america have always been divided over the issue of race and slavery. you have as many whites fighting against slavery and racism as you had whites fighting for it, but that doesn't come out in our history books. what this case will do is bring truth to our history, and assign the blame where it should go. if you look at racism, institutional racism around the world, whether it's south africa, bosnia, or whether it's in germany, there was also a political entity, a political power that gave the institutional racism the kind of strength that it had in america.
6:38 pm
that political power was the democratic party. >> you know, the republican party is the party of lincoln. the civil rights act, lyndon johnson president, he couldn't pass the civil rights act, the voting rights act, without the help of the republican party. the republicans supported it. there were democrats, let's see, former klansman robert byrd who became senate majority leader, al gore's father, etc., bill clinton's big mentor. hang on. known segregationist. so is there a point he's making here that's right, historic speaking? >> historically speaking there are examples you can pull out. >> no. these are major examples. civil rights act wouldn't have passed. the voting acts right wouldn't have passed but for the republicans because people like al gore's father wouldn't support it. >> well, if you'll let me finish. one of the greatest things our founding facts gave to us was our ability to change and grow and evolve into a better nation, and i think what is blatantly
6:39 pm
missing from the reverend's frivolous lawsuit that he's put forward to get an apology from the president and an apology from the democratic party, he's totally leaving out the metamorphosis that happened from both sides, the republican and the democratic parties. the democrati democratic party g to give us a better country than we were joh yesterday as far as african-americans are concerned. i don't think it's so much about an apology. an apology isn't worth anything. the party platform is much more important than an actual apology. >> i would argue with 50% youth unemployment in the african-american american community, 18% in the black community, higher among men, i wouldn't say that barack obama's policies have helped anybody in any community, but let me ask. >> it's a bit ludicrous to blame barack obama for the current situation that the entire
6:40 pm
african-american community is facing and that includes 1.4 african-americans who have been out of work for six months and an actual plan that he put on the the table to adjust those numbers i think is more important than an apology. >> let me bring up something here, reverend, that i think is important. i am tired, and we saw this most recently with herman cain. that is if you are an african-american, and you are conservative, you are excoriated. you are called horrific names, regularly, by the african-american community. why is that? >> well, you know, it's the confusion over our history, who did what, who was our ally, who was our enemy. as she says, a frivolous lawsuit, and apparently she hasn't even read the brief, so i don't know how she can conclude that. this lawsuit is supported by the collective work of 350 legal scholarars. it's supported by the top history professors in the
6:41 pm
country. it's supported by congressional records. it's supported by case law. it's supported by statements that barack obama made, statements that congressional caucus made about their own party. >> reverend, we're almost out of time. i want to be fair. i'll give the last few seconds here to her. when you hear these horrible things said about herman cain and about african-americans that are conservative, why is that not roundly repudiated as if anybody else, any other quote demographic group, they would be silenced because of their statements. don't you find it offensive the names he's being called. >> i'm absolutely offended by the names that cain has been called but also president obama. >> what has president obama been called? >> that has nothing to do with it. the bottom line is conservative
6:42 pm
policies are toxic to the black community. when you look at what's happening across the country about voting rights and you've got many republicans, conservatives, trying to stop hundreds of thousands from voting in their state. in texas 600,000 won't be able to vote because of an i.d. law. in south carolina, 200,000 people. that's a greater affront to african-americans from poor people to young people to elderly. that's greater affront that anything he was talking about. >> what republican is stopping black americans from voting? >> i think if you look -- >> give me a name. >> look at the states that passed voter id. >> did they say blacks can't vote? >> what communities are going to be left out? there's a clear agenda to stop african-americans from having a political voice. >> it's a toxic policy to african-american communities.
6:43 pm
>> they're trying to deny blacks the right to vote? they have a track record of doing that. the democratic party has a track record. >> we've gotta run. thank you both. let not your heart be troubled on our great, great, great american panel coming up next. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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tonight on our great, great american panel, he's a fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. is back. he's the president and ceo of western skies forum and now a candidate, by the way, for mayor of aurora, colorado, ryan fray frazier is with us. he's the current vice-president of the young americas foundation. so big debate earlier tonight. republican candidates. the headline was pretty funny, you know. a republican free for all. they're going after each other in a way that i've not seen before, especially over the issue of immigration.
6:48 pm
romney and perry, perry accusing romney of having hired an illegal immigrant working on his lawn. romney said wait a minute, that's not true. what did you think of the intensity. >> i thought perry showed life for a change, but i also thought in that particular exchange, perry looked smaller. i mean, here romney was talking about big issues of allowing instate tuition for illegal immigrants, and perry was focused on a lawn guy that romney inad vertently hired. i was impressed with his energy and vigor that we haven't always seen in the debates, i thought romney came on top. >> i thought he overdid it. i think it's going to back fire. that's why herman cain is doing so well. he's likeable. >> they're all jockeying for position. i think clearly herman cain, mitt romney are ahead of the pack now. i think whoever has the consistent message on jobs and the economy, on reigning in out of control government and providing accountable government to the people will resonate.
6:49 pm
they have to stay the course. >> no one wants to see anyone who is desperate looking. that's not what we want to see at this point. >> you know, jenn perry's job io come across as likeable. symptom attacking mitt romney. he's not going anywhere in the polls. you don't have to tear him down. he needed to build himself up. i'm not sure he did. >> very on in the debate the whole focus was on 999. did he do a good enough job? i think this is his challenge ?ow. did he do a good enough job explaining it will be revenue neutral, it will work. we don't have to worry that future congresses will raise the consumption tax? >> not yet. i think herman cain's challenge is to do just that, to really explain the 999 plan and how it impacts our economy, our tax structure, and he needs to do it in a way which makes sense to every day americans.
6:50 pm
>> he's become an explosive force on this issue because it's something that's recognizable to people. the next step, as you point out, is make it clearer to people. he's always going to be attacked. anyone that espouses a new tax of any kind gets beat up. he's got to say listen, you're going to save money over the long term. the government's going to spend less. there's always the risk that future congresses will jack it up. i've known herman for ten years. i know he supports the fair tax which would have eliminated the income tax, and then that would be the tax of the land. it would also bring the underground economy, they would start have to pay because you pay on purchases. do you think he should have many gone -- maybe gone the whole way, blow out the system, 10 million pages and go with this? >> i guess it would have been easier in that sense. now that he's put this plan out, he's gotta make it work. what i think he's going to do is force the other candidates to come forward with simpler plans. >> any plan. >> that make it understandable
6:51 pm
to america. >> romney has a 59-point plan. newt came out with his contract with america which i thought there's some very creative good ideas on the table that could help the economy. >> this is going to simply add on. clarity is key. for herman cain or mitt romney or newt gingrich or tant ru san, they have to be clear on how they're going to move the country forward. >> the 999 plan in terms of clarity is what's residue naigh. they remember it. they know paul ryan has said positive things, that haley barber has said positive things. i wouldn't dismiss the 999 plan yet because it obviously is taking root with people. >> is this a battle between the establishment and more of the tea party or the other party? >> i think it's a battle between bold changes and instinctive conservetism versus a more establishment let's fall back on the need for a plan. >> i don't think it's battle so
6:52 pm
much as it's a process of coming together to decide the direction of the party in the best way in which we can lead this country. >> it's got clarity and telling the truth. i'll tell you. the ones -- it seems like the loudest applause tonight when people took a bold stand and didn't back down and were very firm. >> we're going to come back to more with our really, really great american panel straight ahead. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping.
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which continue with our great american panel. earlier in the program we showed a clip of president obama saying the republicans, they want dirty waiter and -- water and they want dirty air. whatever happened to the guy that says, you know, we can't use this incendiary language? >> working together, crossing lines, being bi-partisan, that's gone. that's completely gone. this tentative embrace of the occupy wall street is i think obama's intent to keep this going but to create a diversion, really. that's what he needs to do. he needs to convince misdemeanor he has -- people he has nothing to do with this. get people focused on these maniacs and stop realiz realizit it's obama's policies have caused the economic havoc.
6:57 pm
>> class warfare has to stop. we're all americans. most of us, if not all of us, are trying to put food on the table, a roof on our head, and clothes on our children's backs. people want to hear about the issues that are important and not be consistently divided. >> there's a poll done, and who was it that had a great article on the opinions of the people at that occupy wall street. they are the most radical left. peter, as a democrat, politically speaking, they ran a great campaign in 2008. >> sure. >> how stupid is it of them to embrace this? >> this campaign should be about unity and bringing people t together and inclusion and celebrating our diversity, not celebrating our disunity. when you harness and unleash anger, resentment, rage, when you perpetrator class warfare, when you say to a group of people go out there and do what you need to do, we'll get you the money from the unions, and so you create this narrative
6:58 pm
about america that's false. >> right. >> that's destructive. that will end up in vines. >violence.>> i agree with you. >> a third of them say they would support violence. now they're marching in front of, quote, rich people's homes. what's going to stop them. what's the next step? even the "new york times" recognized a brick is going to go through a window. >> i don't know what they're trying to emulate. is it the french or russian revolution? some recast of the american revolution? are they revolution nairs? why would obama embrace them? >> he shouldn't. >> i think something needs to be said. there's clearly an emotional undercurrent that crosses ideology and party as it relates to the feeling that big government and big business are in bed together to the detriment of every day americans. these protesters are clearly committed to left wing policies. what's even sadder is the group that started this is now taking steps to cash in and claim leadership and responsibility
6:59 pm
for these protests, and i think that's really sad. >> i have to say the anger, though, that people talk about, obama today said it's like the tea party anger, not so at all. the tea party anger was over government overreach, government interfering in people's lives, keeping them from keeping their hard earned dollars. >> what they're saying is occupy. the synonyms for autops occupy o seize or take from someone else. america is not about taking from swunl else and it's about giving to people. we don't take in this country. >> well, obama -- >> if that becomes the watch word, we have a problem in the country. >> we're supposed to be the united states of america. there's nothing wrong with discourse. right now we're seein not seeine type of unity we need. >> your election is in three weeks? >> two weeks. >> it'


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